Monday, May 11, 2015

The Final Step: We were together again in Greece.

In front of the environmental center in Ellasona
By the initial efforts of the Greek coordinator school, our project, "Culture and Environment", begun its journey two and a half years ago, with a preparatory visit in Turkey. All partners were glad when the good news came: All our national agencies accepted this project and decided to support it. After visits to Romania, Turkey, Germany, Latvia, Spain and France, respectively, all teams gathered together in Greece for the final meeting.

On Monday, only after all teams got together, our hosts took us to the city hall so as to be welcomed by the mayor and the deputy mayor of education of Larissa. Following this reception, we went to school to meet our students' host families. In front of the school was a real feast, prepared by the parents. This warm welcome took all our tiredness away from us. Since we all travelled a long way to Greece, Monday was a day of rest.

Next day, we headed towards Ellassona, a city where we were exposed to precious information about the flora and fauna of Mount Olympus in the environmental center. Then we took a long way to the heights of Mount Olympus. Our hosts provided us with the opportunity to hike on this wonderful natural heritage. Of course it was a little bit tiring, thus we went to a charming village called Kokkinopilos in order to observe traditional architecture, to have some rest, and to have a satistifying lunch there. In the evening, the teachers were taken to a coastal city, namely, Volos to have dinner and to witness fascinating scenery of the natural harbor.

Then came Wednesday, a day which we think we will not be able to forget in the future. First of all, the bus took the students and the teachers to Meteora. We were deeply effected by the geological formation took place there. A brilliant guide accompanied us during our visit to the Meteora Monastery, which was built on the top of Meteora rocks. Filled with so much valuable information, this time we set out on our journey to Lake Plastiras -a route through which we noticed the transformation of the flora. There we obserbed the lake with a closer look and filled our lungs with fresh air. In the evening was the celebration of our Comenius programme in the city center together with the students, teachers, parents and the local people as a whole.

Having been tired to some extent, Thursday made us feel more relaxed with a less dense programme. With the Municipality train we had a guided tour of Larissa, during which a visit to Ethnographia Museum and an art gallery was included. Our guide also led us to the historical monuments and remnants of Larissa, such as the Antique Theater, The New Mosque, St. Achilles Church and the old Covered Bazaar. We had great fun in the evening with the universal language of music and dance during the farewell dinner in Agiokampos, a coastal village by the Aegean Sea. Next morning was with a presentation about the Education System of Greece, a visit to the National Resistence Museum related to WWII and -finally- emotional moments because of the end of the week. Many students had difficulty in seperating from each other.

Throughout this project, not only we produced videos, flyers, posters, logos, presentations and other things, but also we carried out many activities and visited places of huge importance in terms of both culture and nature. Most important of all was the interaction of seven different cultures and realizing the similarities and differences between each other.

Well. It was so sad to say goodbye. Nonetheless, both the teachers and the pupils will keep in touch.

Who knows? Perhaps we will meet us all again!

We were received in the City Hall of Larissa, by the local authorities.
In front of the school was a feast done by the parents.

All coordinators together taking their presents.
Learning so many things in the environmental center in Ellasonna.
Mount Olympus -home of Gods.
Meteora Rocks. Take a closer look to the left. There you will see the monastery.
Let's take a group photo in Meteora Monastery.
Walk along Lake Plastiras.
What a nice place to take another group photo!
In the evening was a marvellous concert!
The universal language of dance made us all cheerful.
We also took a closer look into the host school and the products of the pupils.
Ethnographia Museum in Larissa.
Antique Theater in Larissa city center.
What a hot weather that day was! But it didn't matter.
This is the end of farewell dinner. The Romanian team is receiving their certificates.
Turkish team receives their certificates of attendance.
German team receives their certificates of attendance.
Latvian team receives their certificates of attendance.
Spanish team receives their certificates of attendance.
French team receives their certificates of attendance.
On Friday morning there was still things to do, such as visiting the National Resistence Museum.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Sixth Step: France

Just before leaving Pont-de-Cheruy, altogether in front of College Le Grand Champ
This time, we were in France. On Monday, all teams gathered together at the airport and went to Pont-de-Cheruy. The local authorities, host teachers and families prepared a welcoming for us, during which we felt like home. After that, the students were introduced to the host families, and the teachers went to their hotel to have some rest.

On the second day, we went to Chartreuse Mountains. With the help of the guides, the students and teachers wore snowshoes and walked about the mountain to witness the wild life. The guides also instructed us how to find someone in case of avalanche. They showed us the necessary electronical devices. We tried them for ourselves.

On Wednesday, we spent most of the day at College Le Grand Champ, in order to carry out some educative activities. The students learned how to filtre dirty water. They also learned some cooking. After having lunch, all countries made their presentations successfully. The subject was Eco-friendly cities and beautifying our environment. Also worth mentioning is that the host school gave a marvellous concert with seven languages! In the evening, the teams went to Cremieu, a medieval town, to see some historical buildings and markets, accompanied by a professional guide.

We were in Lyon on Thursday to sidesee this historical city with a guide. Guided tour started from Fourvière to the Old Lyon and included Notre Dame de Fourviere Basilica, Ancient Roman theatres and traboules. After having lunch, the guided tour continued in “La Presqu’ïle”, which is an island, in fact a peninsula, between the Rhone river and the Saone river.

On the last day of the mobility, after having the round-table meeting for evaluating this mobility and planning the next, all teams went to the airport and arrived home.

See you all in Greece!

Local authorities making their speeches.

Snowshoeing on Chartreuse Mountains

Snowshoeing on Chartreuse Mountains
Inside College Le Grand Champ
French students giving a concert for us
Host teachers telling us how to filtre water
Lunch at school. Students prepared it!
Romanian students making their presentation.
Turkish students making their presentation.
German students making their presentation.
Latvian students making their presentation.
Spanish students making their presentation.
French students making their presentation.
Greek students making their presentation.
Our guide providing us with precious information about the Medieval Town, Cremieu.
Antique theather in Lyon.
An historical fountain in Lyon.

From the farewell party, only after the sertificate ceremony and dinner.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

We were altogether in Spain!

A Group Photo in Spanish Square of Seville
It was so nice to get together again. Between 24th and 28th of November, all partners met in Olivares, Spain for the fifth mobility. Monday was the arrival and the first meeting. Our Spanish hosts introduced their school to us. We also had the chance to visit the townhall, which is a historical building, still alive from the 17th century. In the evening, parents gave us a warm welcome with accompanied by typical Spanish cuisine.

Tuesday was a day of exploration. First, our hosts took us to La Dehesa de Abajo, a place for watching endangered species, especially birds. Then we went to El Rocio to witness this amazing place, which is an important attraction since pilgrimages are held every year towards there. We also visited the National Park of Doñana, where we both walked and watched some documentaries and interacted with presentations. We had our lunch at Mazagon, by the Atlantic coast and enjoyed paella and explored the sandy beach. Now, all attendants know what tortilla and paella is!

On Wednesday, Spanish teacher, Jose Angel, who is responsible for the Spanish school, gave us a infoRmative presentation concerning the education system in Spain. The students also presented their slides one by one. The subject was "The Threats Against Our Natural and Cultural Heritage". All participants learnt precious information regarding the threats in each country, Romania, Turkey, Germany, Latvia, Spain, France and Greece, respectively. Thereafter, together we planted our "Comenius Tree". It will certainly grow bigger and bigger in time. After that, with the instructions of Jose Angel, a video was recorded, including all participant students, reciting a meaningful message aloud. In the evening, our hosts took us to the Solar Power Plant nearby and we walked along The Green Corridor of the Guadiamar River, which was recovered after the "Guadiamar River Disaster". All in all, Wednesday was a day full of educative activities.

Thursday meant more of a cultural day. We were in the beautiful city center of Seville, where we had the opportunity to visit Cathedral of Seville and the El-Alcazar Castle. We also saw the Golden Tower and spent some time in Spanish Square. In all these marvellous places, the architecture was just magnicifiant. Following those visits, we strolled along “Avenida de la Constitución” and “Plaza Nueva” for about an hour. 

While the students were attending their European Class activity, the teachers carried out the round-table meeting, during which they evaluated this mobility and discussed about the next mobility to France. European Class activity was about "vertical gardens", so all our pupils know how to make vertical gardens now; since they learnt it by experience.

Check out our webpage in March. See you in France!

What a nice welcome by the Spanish students!

Everybody seems happy!

Students are making their presentations
Enjoying paella by the coast
During birdwatching activity, up above were lots of storks!
Jose Angel is providing us with information about the Spanish Education System.
We planted our Comenius tree!
Jose Angel is instructing the students for the video. Notice the vertical garden behind!
Cheers everyone!
Romanian team with their certificates
And the Turkish team
The Germany team
Latvian teachers and students
French team with their certificates
And the Greek team, with all their energy!
Our project coordinator, Apostolia Karra is giving a mutual present to our hosts.
Let's take a group photo before leaving Olivares. Despite the smiles on their faces, in fact, this was a sad moment.
This vertical garden was made by our students, during the European Class activity!