Monday, November 18, 2013

The First Mobility to Romania!

All partners together! (Timisoara, 13/11/2013)
All partners, namely Greece, Latvia, Germany, Turkey, Spain and France visited Cimpani, Romania between 11-15th of November, 2013. At the arrival, the Romanian teachers, parents and students showed so much of a warm and kind welcome at school and we held the socializing event. Just after the refreshment and the welcoming speech of the host teacher, Denisa, the host students and their parents met and took their visitors their home.

The day after, partners came to school and hung their logos and posters for the contest. Each school gave a presentation about their school and country, so that students and teachers had a chance to know each other more. After that, we all went to the community center of Cimpani and watched the great programme prepared by the host team. During the programme, the partners had the opportunity to listen to both modern and traditional songs and watch folk dances. Not to mention, the coordinator, Apostolia Karra, the headmaster of the host school and the mayor of Cimpani also gave a speech. We all went back to school then and finalized the logo & poster contest. Turkey's poster got number one among other posters by vote and Latvia's logo got number one among others in the same way.

Next day started earlier than the day before; since we had a long way to go to Timisoara, a city which is historically important. During our visit to Timisoara, we visited an open air museum introducing old houses of Romania, tasted local home-made food, saw historical buildings, provided with invaluable information by a tourist guide, and went into the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral of Timisoara. We also learned that Timisoara was the place where the uprising against Ceauşescu in 1989 happened.

The day after the visit to Timisoara, we first went to the Townhall of Ştei and watched a slide about copper mining. Being a rural area at first, copper mines gathered approximately 25.000 people there, which is an overt effect of natural environment on culture. Our hosts gave precious souvenirs that are both local and hand-made. Afterwards, the teams went to the Bear's Cave, which was found by chance by a miner in 1975. It was fantastic and so deep and the students were very much attracted by the natural beauty of it. Then, the teams visited the entographic museum where one can see how humanbeings transform the environment according to their needs. Finally, we returned back to Cimpani and gathered together at school to have the meeting. In the meeting, the teachers and headmasters discussed the results of the mobility and planned the next mobility to Turkey.

If you would like to see some photographs, here you are:
Our Romanian hosts showed all visitors a warm welcome with traditional clothes and bread.
Welcoming event was so nice.

Glad to have those beautiful flutes!
Everyone was so eager to watch the slides and the contests.
We were provided with valuable information about local copper mines.

A photograph from the slide about mining.

Traditional folk dances of Romania.
French and Spanish pupils together.

Inside the gorgeous Bear's Cave.
A photograph of the Turkish team with a Romanian granny selling local food.
Students saying goodbye at the airport.
Proud to get our certificates!

A warm welcome.

Students giving their presentation.
French Team in Traditional Romanian Clothes.

A photograph from the logo and poster contest.
Counting votes.
French team in Cimpani.
Latvian, Turkish, Greek and Romanian students all together in Timisoara.

Just before going into the Bear's cave.

Teachers at Bear's Cave.
The Ethnographic Museum

Romanian students show their skills in folk dances.
Our tourist guide tells us about the recent history of Timisoara.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Let's get started! The Preparatory Visit

Between 14-18 January 2013, we gathered in Turkey together to write our Comenius project: Culture and Environment. Partners from Latvia, Romania, Germany and Greece came to Karamürsel, Kocaeli, which is a city in the Marmara Region of Turkey, to meet and work on the project. Spanish and French partners couldn't attend this preparatory visit; but we were in touch with them through e-mail and Skype. As you see in the photographs below, we both worked on the project and had fun. We are so glad because our project "Culture and Environment" is approved by all of our National Agencies. We are now seven partners: Greece, Latvia, Germany, Romania, Turkey, French and Spain.

We are all going to visit Romania in 11th of November and update this web site later on. So keep in touch with this web page!

The Project Team.

We visited Karamürsel's district governor.

Had traditional Turkish food, especially kebab!

A photograph as a team in the governmental building.

Aija in an historical wall, in İznik.

During a lunch at Güzelkıyı Secondary School.

We also visited the local educational representitive.

Socializing event just after the arrival.

Our Latvian partner Aija was very much interested in students' works!

Our Romanian partner Denisa and Turkish students.

Our coordinator and the architect of the project, Apostolia and Turkish students, in the science lab.

Turkish students were very much eager to interact with the visitors!

The Project Team.

The Project Team in front of an Ottoman style fountain.

We had lunch with the traditional Turkish food made by our parents.

School-family union and the partners as a whole.

Of couse, we not only had fun but also worked on the project in the hotel lobby.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Impressions of Students Participating

Here you can read the impressions of our pupils, who took part in mobilities.

Latvian students Laura Freimane and Linda Tralle would like to say many THANKS to their host families in Spain.

We are very happy that we were able to participate in this project. We've found new friends from other countries, got to know the other countries's culture and traditions. This week was very interesting! We have experienced lot of things- at the beginning sightseeing in  Athens, then-beautiful Larissa, climbing to  Olympus,visiting Meteora and in the end sad farewell!

We are very grateful to our host families in Greece, which were so kindly and lovingly welcomed this week considered to be their daughters. We hope that we will meet each other once again! You are the best!

Annija Sirlaka and Emilija Krista Grava.

Our travel to Spain was a lifetime experience. We met new people from different countries with whom we developed friendships. We learned about their culture and their way of life. We went to new places (Seville, Malaga, Geneve) where we saw monuments of a different civilization from ours (cathedral, museum of Picasso, palace of Seville, university of Seville).

But, with this programme, we didn’t visit only museums. Together with the other students and the teachers we visited a beach in the Atlantic Ocean, we did bird-watching, we visited a solar energy plant and we walked along the Green Corridor of a River nearby.

We, also, enjoyed Spanish dances and tasted new flavours which seemed to be a little strange to us, because we were used to our daily flavours.

In conclusion, all the previous experience, along with their hospitality made our travel to Spain unforgettable to all our team.

We miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Panagiotis, Argiro, Panagiota, Angeliki, Angeliki (Greece)

I loved the welcome from the Spanish who were very kind and welcoming. I loved the food, the visits, the beach. They were very friendly and I loved their children who are as a family for me. I want to live with them because I miss them.

I loved the landscape and Seville which is so full of colours and beautiful with its orange trees. 

Charly (France).

Hello everybody,

You are special people, very nice.. I love Spain and I love Sevilla. Thank you so much for your hospitality and your kindness! You are incredible person! Thank you for everything!!

Shaïness (France).

I am Hugo a pupil of the trip to Latvia. I was at Marks Kauls' house with Jose Maria Luiz Sanuido, a Spanish pupil and a very good friend !! I visited Riga, the capital city, it was beautiful, the Cesis's castle and the Baltic sea. I cooked buns it was good. I made many friends, Greek, Spanish and German people. I miss you all. I hope to see you.

The party was so good ! Bye!

Hugo (France)

Hello, my name is Elodie. 

I travelled to Romania and Turkey, It was so fantastic, it was two amazing countries. I met many people who were very welcoming and friendly. Thanks to Comenius, I discovered two beautiful countries and knew two families so nice and gentle. I thank  these families and people who became my friends for everything that they could show and discover their specialities of their countries. 

I keep many memories of my two weeks

Elodie. (France)

Hello everyone !!!

I'm Charlotte, I'm French and I went to Romania and Germany.

In Romania, Nina hosted me, and in Germany, I went to Isabella's family. They were both very friendly, kind and generous, and they hosted me as if I were part of their family. Thank you !!! <3 <3

I went to Romania in October, 2013. My trip there was really exceptional ! It was really fun and cool to see new people and to learn about their culture, about how they lived,... Romania is very different from France, but it is great too ! Romanian people are the most generous people I've ever met... I made new friends there, and this is wonderful !!!

I went to Germany in april, 2014. German people are always smiling, and this is very nice... I loved the walk in the mud ! It was really funny because everybody was sinking in it. I think I won't ever forget this day !!! I made new friends in Germany too !

I hope people who will come in France will enjoy their trip as much as I did in Romania and Germany !!!!     ;) <3 :p <3

Charlotte (France)

Hey!!! I'm Victoria, I'm from France and I went to Romania in october, 2013. My host family was the Anamaria's parents and herself, they were very nice, and they took care of me. Anamaria is a little bit shy, but she is very generous, I hope I will see them again one day and thank them for their hospitality ! I made new friend, and I won't ever forget them. Romania isn't what I expected it to be, they are so friendly and generous, Romania is an exceptional country, it's great. I will try to do my best to host people who come in France, I hope they will enjoy their trip in our country !

Victoria (France)

We went to Latvia. I liked my host family. There were very kind. We went to Ligatne's school. It was beautiful. Then, we went to Gaujas National Park. It was beautiful too. I saw a lot of animals. But I felt sorry for the animals. Because they weren't free and wires had got electricity. We played games there. It was funny. The concert was good. I liked Latvian folk dancing. We went to Riga on Wednesday. Riga was beautiful. We went to the Turkish cemetery. It was very important and surprising for us. I learned one Latvian folk dance and I taught it to my sister. I said farewell to the other students.

I liked Latvia, my foreign friends and my host family. It was an unforgettable moment in my life.

Pinar (Turkey)

I think Romania was a very nice trip. Trip passed exhausting but Romania was a beautiful country. The people of Romania were very hospitable and friendly. When I was there, I saw many different cultures. I think it is an interesting place. I would like to visit there again...

Ilke (Turkey)

This fall we went to Latvia for five days with my friend and teachers. Latvia was a beautiful country. It is a very forested place. There are lots of forests and big trees there. According to me, it was a forest country. Riga is Latvia's capital. Riga had wonderful buildings and historic buildings. We also went to the Baltic sea. People didn't swim because Latvia is very cold. I asked a Latvian friends: "Do you swim here?" and she told me: "Yes, we sometimes swim in summer." I will miss the place and the people.

Tugcenur (Turkey)

I went to Romania last year. We visited very beautiful places there. For example, Timisoara. According to me, the dishes were delicious. Romanian people were so hospitable to us. I made new friends there. We are still in contact. It was so much fun there. I will never forget in my life the days. I miss you all.

Zeynep (Turkey)

First, Romania is a beautiful country. Romanian people welcomed us very kindly. There we made many kind of activities. I cannot forget the dance performance! We also visited some places in Romania. Romanian people were very nice and they were similar to Turkish people. See you again.

Emirhan (Turkey)

In Turkey, we had a very good welcome. The visits were very great. I had already gone to Istanbul with my family but with friends it was better. Ogulcan is very nice and kind ( I was his host) , my Greek friends were very funny, and Andres (my Spanish friend) was very nice. The meals were very good. We visited  Hagia Sophia, the blue mosque, the Topkapi palace. We went in March. We had parties every evening, it was very funny. I miss you all, I hope to see you!

Thanks for the trip!!!
Sebastian (France)

My name is Jenny. I went to Latvia in September. It was a fantastic trip. I met Turkish, Romanian, Greek, Spanish , German  and Latvian people. I had a very good family. I saw the Baltic Sea and famous monuments. They are very nice people. We ate wery well. We cooked buns of apple and ham. I hope to see you soon.  

Love from Jenny. (France)

Between the 21st and the 27th of September, me and three other classmates with two teachers went to Latvia. We have met Latvian families and lived with them for one week, we also met Greek people, Spanish people, German people, Turkish people and Romanian people. I think now all of us are good friends and I keep in touch with everybody. At the end of this trip everyone cried and nobody wanted to go back to their countries. For me it is the proof that it was an incredible experience and a wonderful trip. I love all of them and I will never forget them.

Clara (France).

The trip was just fantastic, I went by plane for my first time! It was super.. There were Spanish, Germany,Turkish,Roumanian and Greek, they are fabulous people. I slept in Lavian family, Laura was my hostess, she is very nice girl. She's got exceptional parents! I saw the incredible monuments, a huge castle. I loved when everyone cried! It was a unique experience. Thank you very much to the family for all you are done ! <3

Shainess (France).