Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Project Objectives and Strategy

Through the partnership,

  We aim our students to:

-learn about and appreciate the natural and cultural heritage of our own country and the countries of the partner schools
-be aware of the dangers that threaten the environment and historic sites
-broaden their knowledge in literature, history and art
-promote the cultures of each country by studying the culture and language of each partner
-appreciate the cultural diversity and  the intercultural dialogue

   We also aim to:

-help students with learning difficulties and immigrants find a new role and promote their integration into mainstream education
-give students from all backgrounds – especially students who suffer from socioeconomic disadvantages -an equal opportunity to take part in activities
-encourage exchanging info and data, participating in discussions, working in teams, learning foreign languages, using new technologies and digital technique, stimulating this way students' creativity and self-confidence and developing their lifelong learning skills.
-make students and teacher evaluate the importance of working together

   We hope to make teachers:

-be aware of different teaching techniques and skills and exchange pedagogical ideas and experience with colleagues in Europe
-create long lasting friendships in different parts of Europe
-strengthen and promote European citizenship.

Subjects and problems we intend to address are as follows:

- Environment, source of culture: Informing and sensitizing students on natural and cultural environment
- Initiatives and actions which help the environment
- Initiatives and actions so that the school becomes environmentally-friendly
- Effective intercultural communication
-  Quality of education and transfer of knowledge and skills
- We would like to achieve the above objectives through new and creative approaches.
- We will involve as many students and teachers as possible in the project.
- A multidisciplinary approach will be adopted and the project activities will be incorporated into the school curriculum.
-Team-working will be reinforced.
-Teachers will use new technologies and computer-assisting learning.
-We will encourage our students to communicate with their European peers through e-mail, to express themselves artistically, in spoken and written speech, develop social skills and promote their skills in new technologies by organizing a series of events in school and out of it.

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