Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Project Summary

In recent decades radical environmental and cultural changes take place which are entirely inconsistent with the harmony between man and nature existing in earlier times with severe economic consequences. Raising awareness, changing the way we think and adopting a more responsible attitude concerning the protection of the natural and cultural environment is necessary in order to face this challenge. School is one of the prime areas that can contribute to this direction.

Our plan is to make students aware of their unique local, national and  European heritage and its value in our world. We hope to make them understand that environment and culture is our common European space and our common European destination and therefore it is necessary to develop a common European way of thinking and adopt common ways of practicing. Practicing which protect the environment, help the economy of each country, enhance the quality of life and promote the sense of belonging in the same European community.    

We aim through the study of the sources and the participation in the implemented activities to make our students sensitive, creative, cooperative, imaginative. We aim to motivate them to express and improve their abilities and talents, to learn and adopt responsible attitudes of life, to make them able for collaboration and team work, critical thinking and problem solving. 

We hope to help students understand that knowledge is the power which can change our lives. School education can contribute to this aim and can inspire our students to develop a lifelong love for learning. 

Nature and culture belongs to all of us. Our purpose is to help students explore universal living values and implement them to themselves, to their family, their community and Europe.

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