Thursday, December 4, 2014

We were altogether in Spain!

A Group Photo in Spanish Square of Seville
It was so nice to get together again. Between 24th and 28th of November, all partners met in Olivares, Spain for the fifth mobility. Monday was the arrival and the first meeting. Our Spanish hosts introduced their school to us. We also had the chance to visit the townhall, which is a historical building, still alive from the 17th century. In the evening, parents gave us a warm welcome with accompanied by typical Spanish cuisine.

Tuesday was a day of exploration. First, our hosts took us to La Dehesa de Abajo, a place for watching endangered species, especially birds. Then we went to El Rocio to witness this amazing place, which is an important attraction since pilgrimages are held every year towards there. We also visited the National Park of DoƱana, where we both walked and watched some documentaries and interacted with presentations. We had our lunch at Mazagon, by the Atlantic coast and enjoyed paella and explored the sandy beach. Now, all attendants know what tortilla and paella is!

On Wednesday, Spanish teacher, Jose Angel, who is responsible for the Spanish school, gave us a infoRmative presentation concerning the education system in Spain. The students also presented their slides one by one. The subject was "The Threats Against Our Natural and Cultural Heritage". All participants learnt precious information regarding the threats in each country, Romania, Turkey, Germany, Latvia, Spain, France and Greece, respectively. Thereafter, together we planted our "Comenius Tree". It will certainly grow bigger and bigger in time. After that, with the instructions of Jose Angel, a video was recorded, including all participant students, reciting a meaningful message aloud. In the evening, our hosts took us to the Solar Power Plant nearby and we walked along The Green Corridor of the Guadiamar River, which was recovered after the "Guadiamar River Disaster". All in all, Wednesday was a day full of educative activities.

Thursday meant more of a cultural day. We were in the beautiful city center of Seville, where we had the opportunity to visit Cathedral of Seville and the El-Alcazar Castle. We also saw the Golden Tower and spent some time in Spanish Square. In all these marvellous places, the architecture was just magnicifiant. Following those visits, we strolled along “Avenida de la ConstituciĆ³n” and “Plaza Nueva” for about an hour. 

While the students were attending their European Class activity, the teachers carried out the round-table meeting, during which they evaluated this mobility and discussed about the next mobility to France. European Class activity was about "vertical gardens", so all our pupils know how to make vertical gardens now; since they learnt it by experience.

Check out our webpage in March. See you in France!

What a nice welcome by the Spanish students!

Everybody seems happy!

Students are making their presentations
Enjoying paella by the coast
During birdwatching activity, up above were lots of storks!
Jose Angel is providing us with information about the Spanish Education System.
We planted our Comenius tree!
Jose Angel is instructing the students for the video. Notice the vertical garden behind!
Cheers everyone!
Romanian team with their certificates
And the Turkish team
The Germany team
Latvian teachers and students
French team with their certificates
And the Greek team, with all their energy!
Our project coordinator, Apostolia Karra is giving a mutual present to our hosts.
Let's take a group photo before leaving Olivares. Despite the smiles on their faces, in fact, this was a sad moment.
This vertical garden was made by our students, during the European Class activity!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fourth Step: Mobility to Latvia

All students and teachers together in front of Ligatnes Novada Vidusskola!
Our forth travel has been to Ligatne, Latvia. During our stay, all partners carried out a bunch of activities. Taking part in such activities has been a brand-new experience for all. On monday, following the arrival of all teams, the students were introduced to their host families. The day after, all teams gathered together at school and the students showed some presentations concerning what we had all done until the forth mobility to Latvia. Our Latvian partner, Aija Ziedina let us know her school better. On the same day, we went to Gauja National Park and followed the pathway, doing some educational activities, playing games and witnessing natural beauties.

Wednesday was the cultural part of the week, that is, the visit to the capital city, Riga. Breathing the historical atmosphere, tasting local cuisine, and feeling the Baltic breeze were refreshing. A professional guide helped us understand historically the streets we were standing upon.

Lots of acvities were done on Thursday, too. In the morning, the students took part in a European Class activity, during which they learned how to recycle paper and tried it for themselves. In the meantime, the teachers had the opportunity to discover Latvian educational system in details. Thereafter, pupils did some "Do-it-yourself" activities in a traditional Latvian house. That night was full of emotions during the farewell.

Friday meant round-table meeting and -unfortunately- departure for six teams. Not to mention, we are all going to miss that beautiful country.

We must go back to work and prepare for the fifth step. See you all in Spain!

Comenius Corner of Latvian School

Inside the school was like home!

Our project coordinator is giving olive leaves on behalf of all partners.

All students presented their slides about what they had done until then.

A video-session related to Gauja National Park.

The pupils also played some thematic games. The theme was nature.

That's the other game on protecting nature.
On the way to Cesis Castle.

Latvian students were very successful at singing!

We had the chance to see traditional folk dances.

Our visit in Riga taught us a lot!

The teachers are learning about the education in Latvia.

European Class activity: The students learnt how to recycle paper by themselves.

Inside Cesis Castle. Such an authentic feeling, as if we were in Medieval times.

Have you ever drawn pictures with a piece of coal?

Let's come together as a whole!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Visit to Germany!

Let's take a group photo in front of the school!
The third mobility of our project, Culture and Environment, took place in Germany, between 5-9th of May, 2014. All partners arrived in there without any problems and welcomed with a warm socializing event at German school, Oberschule Hohenkirchen. Especially with this mobility, everyone noticed how easily the pupils could mingle with one another. We became a whole just from the first day.

On Tuesday morning, all teams arrived at school and carried out a programme of several activities. German partner's coordinator teacher and the headteacher made speeches related to the event. Then, a play and a slide were shown by the host country. All teams hung their products on the pinboards, namely drawings, comics, posters, poems and other artistic materials. Some students performed songs alive, and some others read aloud their poems. Needless to say, the products were all related to the topic of our project, that is, culture and environment and their interaction with each other. After having lunch, our hosts took us to the brewery in Jever, which is famous all across Germany. The guides provided us with a bunch of information concerning the old and the modern factories.

Next day, we went a little bit to the north. On the programme was a visit to the Baltrum Island. Actually, this was not a casual visit. That is to say, the teams walked on the mud for a few kilometres to the island. It was a tough and unforgettable experience for all. Througout this adventurous journey, the tour guide showed us some pieces of specific flora and fauna living on and under the mud. We learnt that the area is included in the Unesco World Heritage list. Having some rest on Baltrum Island, we recovered and walked about the island for some time. Then we returned back by a ferry.

The remanining visit was to Bremen on Thursday morning, which made up the cultural part of our trip. A tour guide introduced the old city center and gave us precious historical information. In the evening, we were all ready for the farewell dinner and the certificate ceremony. We had the opportunity to listen to German folk songs and watch some dances. In the end, everyone was so pleased with this mobility and -quite naturally- we were all so sad to leave Germany.

Comenius team is on the newspaper!

Comenius corner of Oberschule Hohenkirchen

Greek students

Latvian and German pupils were playing the piano and singing in the music classroom

The old brewery

We are on the way to the island, Baltrum!

Everybody had fun at first

The students having fun on the island -they deserved it!

Farewell evening

We all tried to do our best! Well, it wasn't easy to dance like those pretty ladies!

Farewell evening - partners

Here is our school: Oberschule Hohenkirchen

German students

Spanish students

Turkish students

Modern brewery

Another view of this characteristic place

Determined to finish it!

Then, it became a little bit tougher!

We also made a visit to the beautiful city of Bremen

Farewell evening

Farewell evening - partners

See you in Latvia in September.

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