Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Second Mobility to Turkey!

Everyone together with Hagia Sofia Behind (Istanbul)
Between 3-7th March, 2014, six partner countries visited Turkey. On the first day of the mobility, the partners met each other at the airport and went to Karamürsel together. We had a socializing activity at Güzelkıyı Secondary School. Together as a whole, partners spent the second day at school, carrying out the European Class activity and presenting the slides about flora and fauna, historical monuments and the effects of natural environment on culture. We learned a lot from each other and all members were amazed by the similarities and the differences of partner countries' cultures. 

Throughout the third day, teams were in İstanbul, experiencing the historic peninsula themselves and seeing Topkapı Palace, The Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmet Square and the magnificient Hagia Sofia. Having learnt much information there, we returned back to Karamürsel.

On the fourth day, we made a visit to Yalova, a place of natural interest, to see the Moving Villa and sidesee the natural beauties of Termal. Afterwards, all the teams were ready for the farewell dinner and certificate ceremony.

Next time, we are going to visit Germany. So, keep following us!

Here are some photographs for you:

Turkish team is ready to welcome!

We were watching the presentations.

Project Coordinator Apostolia Karra is delivering her speech.

Turkish folk music.

European Class.
European Class: Products.

Historic Peninsula (İstanbul)

Yalova, near the Moving Villa.

A place of natural beauties: Yalova/ Termal.

Having lunch!

Round-table meeting.
Farewell Dinner.

Romanian students.

German students.

Spanish team all together.

Greek team all together.

Socializing event.

Turkish headmaster is delivering his speech.

Turkish folk dances.
Students showing their presentations.
European Class activity.

European Class: Products.

Inside The Blue Mosque.

Historic Peninsula (İstanbul)
The Greek Team in Yalova.

The Moving Villa.

Romanian Teachers with their certificates!

German teachers.

Latvian team all together.

French team all together.

Project coordinator Apostolia Karra is giving an olive branch to the Turkish headmaster. From left, Turkish, French, German, Greek, Latvian, Spanish and Romanian teachers.