Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Visit to Germany!

Let's take a group photo in front of the school!
The third mobility of our project, Culture and Environment, took place in Germany, between 5-9th of May, 2014. All partners arrived in there without any problems and welcomed with a warm socializing event at German school, Oberschule Hohenkirchen. Especially with this mobility, everyone noticed how easily the pupils could mingle with one another. We became a whole just from the first day.

On Tuesday morning, all teams arrived at school and carried out a programme of several activities. German partner's coordinator teacher and the headteacher made speeches related to the event. Then, a play and a slide were shown by the host country. All teams hung their products on the pinboards, namely drawings, comics, posters, poems and other artistic materials. Some students performed songs alive, and some others read aloud their poems. Needless to say, the products were all related to the topic of our project, that is, culture and environment and their interaction with each other. After having lunch, our hosts took us to the brewery in Jever, which is famous all across Germany. The guides provided us with a bunch of information concerning the old and the modern factories.

Next day, we went a little bit to the north. On the programme was a visit to the Baltrum Island. Actually, this was not a casual visit. That is to say, the teams walked on the mud for a few kilometres to the island. It was a tough and unforgettable experience for all. Througout this adventurous journey, the tour guide showed us some pieces of specific flora and fauna living on and under the mud. We learnt that the area is included in the Unesco World Heritage list. Having some rest on Baltrum Island, we recovered and walked about the island for some time. Then we returned back by a ferry.

The remanining visit was to Bremen on Thursday morning, which made up the cultural part of our trip. A tour guide introduced the old city center and gave us precious historical information. In the evening, we were all ready for the farewell dinner and the certificate ceremony. We had the opportunity to listen to German folk songs and watch some dances. In the end, everyone was so pleased with this mobility and -quite naturally- we were all so sad to leave Germany.

Comenius team is on the newspaper!

Comenius corner of Oberschule Hohenkirchen

Greek students

Latvian and German pupils were playing the piano and singing in the music classroom

The old brewery

We are on the way to the island, Baltrum!

Everybody had fun at first

The students having fun on the island -they deserved it!

Farewell evening

We all tried to do our best! Well, it wasn't easy to dance like those pretty ladies!

Farewell evening - partners

Here is our school: Oberschule Hohenkirchen

German students

Spanish students

Turkish students

Modern brewery

Another view of this characteristic place

Determined to finish it!

Then, it became a little bit tougher!

We also made a visit to the beautiful city of Bremen

Farewell evening

Farewell evening - partners

See you in Latvia in September.

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