Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Sixth Step: France

Just before leaving Pont-de-Cheruy, altogether in front of College Le Grand Champ
This time, we were in France. On Monday, all teams gathered together at the airport and went to Pont-de-Cheruy. The local authorities, host teachers and families prepared a welcoming for us, during which we felt like home. After that, the students were introduced to the host families, and the teachers went to their hotel to have some rest.

On the second day, we went to Chartreuse Mountains. With the help of the guides, the students and teachers wore snowshoes and walked about the mountain to witness the wild life. The guides also instructed us how to find someone in case of avalanche. They showed us the necessary electronical devices. We tried them for ourselves.

On Wednesday, we spent most of the day at College Le Grand Champ, in order to carry out some educative activities. The students learned how to filtre dirty water. They also learned some cooking. After having lunch, all countries made their presentations successfully. The subject was Eco-friendly cities and beautifying our environment. Also worth mentioning is that the host school gave a marvellous concert with seven languages! In the evening, the teams went to Cremieu, a medieval town, to see some historical buildings and markets, accompanied by a professional guide.

We were in Lyon on Thursday to sidesee this historical city with a guide. Guided tour started from Fourvière to the Old Lyon and included Notre Dame de Fourviere Basilica, Ancient Roman theatres and traboules. After having lunch, the guided tour continued in “La Presqu’ïle”, which is an island, in fact a peninsula, between the Rhone river and the Saone river.

On the last day of the mobility, after having the round-table meeting for evaluating this mobility and planning the next, all teams went to the airport and arrived home.

See you all in Greece!

Local authorities making their speeches.

Snowshoeing on Chartreuse Mountains

Snowshoeing on Chartreuse Mountains
Inside College Le Grand Champ
French students giving a concert for us
Host teachers telling us how to filtre water
Lunch at school. Students prepared it!
Romanian students making their presentation.
Turkish students making their presentation.
German students making their presentation.
Latvian students making their presentation.
Spanish students making their presentation.
French students making their presentation.
Greek students making their presentation.
Our guide providing us with precious information about the Medieval Town, Cremieu.
Antique theather in Lyon.
An historical fountain in Lyon.

From the farewell party, only after the sertificate ceremony and dinner.